published: 3/6/2019last updated: 3/18/2019
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What happen to your book if this site shutdown?

After I launch this website, I found a lot of people worry about the shutdown of e-books site on twitter.

I think it is honest to explain about this and it is better than the person who only talks about good points.


  1. I implement Blook for my purpose to publish book

  2. I'm not mature in financially, mentally and technically

*If you feel uneasy about this website future, I advise you not to use this website and to use self hosting blog services.

Okay, let's take a look at the options when this site shutdown.

Option1. To ask someone to take over this site.

This is the best option. Both reader and author don't have to do anything.

Or open source is also the options.

Option2. Ask reader and author to download pdf or epub before shutdown.

This is the option if no one take over this website.

Currently user cannot download book as pdf or epub, but technically of course they can.

This site uses the similar tech stack which Gitbook uses.

In legacy gitbook, new user cannot signup already, but you can see the content and download content.

Check the below url. This is a demo to show how pdf or epub download works.

*But there is a pros and cons in this options.


  • You can read offline

  • Author can sell their books in another platform like kindle direct publishing

  • you can read a lot of App like Kindle, Google Books app, Apple Books app etc...


  • No comment

  • Format is not perfectly same

  • No iframe (like youtube or speaker deck slide). You cannot embed the one like below.