published: 3/13/2019last updated: 4/10/2019


*Goal of this chapter

  • Implement feature to create post

In this chapter we will implement the feature to create a new post.

1. Run generator command

rails g graphql:mutation create_post
Running via Spring preloader in process 63092 exist app/graphql/mutations identical app/graphql/mutations/.keep identical app/graphql/types/mutation_type.rb add_root_type mutation create app/graphql/mutations/create_post.rb gsub app/graphql/types/mutation_type.rb

This command creates app/graphql/mutations/create_post.rb and modify app/graphql/types/mutation_type.rb

module Mutations class CreatePost < GraphQL::Schema::RelayClassicMutation # TODO: define return fields # field :post, Types::PostType, null: false # TODO: define arguments # argument :name, String, required: true # TODO: define resolve method # def resolve(name:) # { post: ... } # end end end

module Types class MutationType < Types::BaseObject field :createPost, mutation: Mutations::CreatePost # TODO: remove me field :test_field, String, null: false, description: "An example field added by the generator" def test_field "Hello World" end end end

2. Create base_mutation.rb

create graphql/mutations/base_mutation.rb file.

# We use GraphQL::Schema::Mutation not GraphQL::Schema::RelayClassicMutation
# Because I use apollo-client class Mutations::BaseMutation < GraphQL::Schema::Mutation end

3. Modify /mutations/create_post.rb

Just imitate official docs

module Mutations # inherit Mutations::BaseMutation class CreatePost < Mutations::BaseMutation # Define what type of value to be returned field :post, Types::PostType, null: false # Define what argument this mutation accepts argument :title, String, required: true argument :body, String, required: true def resolve(title:, body:) # we will use current_user in future user = User.first post = title, body: body) # Here returns post field, which is defined above. if { post: post, errors: [], } else # Failed save, return the errors to the client { post: nil, errors: post.errors.full_messages } end end end end

Test in grahpiql

createPost mutation

I think you need time to get used to writing graphql query!

query posts again

It works!!!